TellPopeyes – Official Popeyes Survey

Tellpopeyes Survey: How often do we enjoy the comforts of fast food? Despite its detrimental effect on our bodies, we all have an acquired taste for it. Most fast-food restaurants prove to be appealing to our palette with their food assortment on the menu as well as the customer service. But how frequently do we like giving feedback for Tellpopeyes?

Well, in the current world, with the hustle culture prevailing amongst every working body, we barely get time to enjoy our meal, let alone give compliments to the chef. To tackle this problem, food chains have come up with online surveys to ensure breezy and efficient feedback from customers. This has proven to be advantageous to many as they are able to provide feedback at their own pace without being inadequate to the restaurants. 

TellPopeyes Survey

Official Tellpopeyes Survey

TellPopeyes is renowned for its fried chicken, particularly in mild and spicy flavors. Later it expanded its menu with its chicken sandwiches. The greatest thing about Popeyes would be the infamous chicken sandwich. The menu also comprises a flavourful array of chicken and an assortment of side dishes. 

TellPopeyes – Official Popeyes Survey at

TellPopeyes is the customer survey guide of the fast-food chain Popeyes. The survey revolves around the key factor of the customer providing feedback based on their dining in a Popeyes restaurant. This is helpful for the betterment of the menu as well as in customer service. The survey can be taken online through the official website of TellPopeyes.

This survey is in the form of questions regarding the service of the management. The survey also offers a reward to the participants, benefitting both the restaurant as well as its customers. This appears to be beneficial to both sectors of the economy.

What are the objectives of the TellPopeyes survey?

The integral aim of the survey would be to ensure maximum dining satisfaction of the customer. Keeping the business mantra “Customer is King” in mind, the survey intends to review the current performance as well as areas needed to reform. This not only boosts the employees’ morale but also helps in bringing the organization together. The performance of each employee and the management should be combined to collectively work towards the mission of the organization. 

TellPopeyes is also essential to examine the hospitality of the staff towards customers. This is achieved through rating the restaurant and the food they serve. The ratings provide a comprehensive insight into the restaurant’s efficiency, including the additional changes required to reform. 

The survey also aims to establish a connection with the customers to maintain a good relationship. It is vital that the restaurant shows concern for the customer’s well-being. This brings the restaurant the goodwill of people, in addition to ensuring loyal customers along the way with the introduction of new ones. Old customers are likely to recommend the place if there is a good relationship between the consumer and the organization.

The survey allows the organization to be informed of any discomfort caused to their customers by the staff or management. Issues such as the quality or the quantity of the food are also taken into consideration for feedback. Customers’ suggestions are welcome as well. These issues can be conveyed through TellPopeyes

Rules to take the TellPopeyes survey

TellPopeyes – Official Popeyes Survey at

There are certain regulations that apply to the consumers for taking the survey. Only those who follow these are eligible to give the survey. They are as follows:

  • The consumer has to be aged sixteen years or above. 
  • The consumer should be a native of the United States of America. 
  • The consumer should have visited the Popeyes restaurant at least once.
  • There should be an invitation provided to the consumer to participate in the survey. (The survey invitation is on the bill from the restaurant)
  • The consumer should have an invitation code to take the survey.
  • Any employee or a family member of the employee isn’t allowed to partake in the survey or the sweepstakes.
  • The survey can only be taken once a month by the customer. 

Requirements to take the TellPopeyes survey

The essentials to take the survey are access to an electronic device such as a laptop, computer, or cellphone. The device should also have an active internet connection to access the web since the survey is online. The consumer should have a receipt from their most recent visit to any joint of Popeyes. 

The customer should have a basic knowledge of English and Spanish, which is required to be able to fill the survey. There will be an invitation code provided for the survey. The code expires within two days, so make sure to complete the survey by then. 

How to take TellPopeyes Survey?

  • Go to the official website on your internet browser.
  • When you reach the homepage, click on ‘Take Survey’ to begin taking the survey.
  • You will be redirected to the next page, where you have to enter certain details such as the restaurant number, the date and time of your visit to the restaurant, and the total amount of the bill for your order. These details are used to verify your visit to the restaurant.  
  • Click on ‘Start’ after submitting the details to begin the survey.
  • Answer the questions of the survey honestly, based on your recent visit to the restaurant.
  • Once you have completed answering the survey, click on ‘Submit’.
  • You will be redirected to another page that will demand your personal details. The personal information includes your name, email id, phone number, residential address, and monthly income. Click “Finish” once you complete filling in the details and submit the survey.
  • This makes you eligible to participate in the Popeyes Sweepstake and ensures the completion of your survey. Now you can wait until the winners are disclosed on the website. 

What are the TellPopeyes Survey Rewards?

The survey makes you eligible for entry into the Sweepstakes. The winner will get a $1000 gift card. This reward cannot be redeemed by or transferred to another person. The winner will receive an email from Popeyes regarding the details of the reward. The gift card will be valid for a limited window, so make sure to redeem the rewards in the time frame. 


Q1: Where can I take the survey?

The TellPopeyes survey can be taken online through the official website.

Q2: What is the reward for filling out the survey?

The reward for the sweepstake is a $1000 gift card. Other rewards involve vouchers, gift cards, or coupons for free chicken, such as a coupon for a free two-piece chicken and biscuit for their next visit to Popeyes.

Q3: How long will the coupon be valid?

The coupon will last for 30 days. 

Q4: Why is the receipt only valid for two days?

The receipt is proof of your most recent visit to Popeyes. It is important to take the survey within two days as it provides the most recent review of the management’s performance. 

Q5: How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey may take 5-10 minutes of your time on the basis of your experience. 

Q6: What type of questions are asked in the survey?

The questions are quite simple by nature. They mostly revolve around the order of the customer and the staff’s treatment of the customer. It can also include the food’s quality and quantity. 

Q7: What is a survey invitation?

A survey invitation is the invitation code provided with the receipt of your order. TellPopeyes survey can only be taken through a survey invitation. 

Q8: How do I get a survey invitation?

A simple trick can be applied to acquire a survey invitation. Visit the nearest Popeyes joint and order a drink. Keep the receipt in hand; your survey invitation will let you take the TellPopeyes survey. 

Q9: How do you redeem the TellPopeyes rewards?

The winners of the sweepstake rewards will be listed on the official website and notified by e-mail regarding further instructions. The others may receive coupons for free chicken that can be redeemed at the Popeyes joint. 

Q10: What other rewards are offered?

Lately, TellPopeyes has begun to offer a rewards program for their loyal customers. For further details, check the official website.  TellPopeyes is an efficient and effective survey that ensures timely and appropriate feedback with incentives for both parties involved. The organization receives prompt assessments regarding their products as well as their employees, while customers are rewarded for their valuable input. Apart from the rewards, Popeyes welcomes any and all feedback from all customers.

However, it is also crucial for the consumer to know the rules and regulations to follow before partaking in the survey. The guide mentioned above should help consumers understand and navigate the TellPopeyes survey.